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what's deep teeth cleaning

by:Golden Promise     2024-06-07

What's Deep Teeth Cleaning?

If you're looking for a fresh, bright smile, then you should know about deep teeth cleaning. It's a dental procedure that goes deeper than a standard cleaning and can make your teeth look and feel better than ever before. In this article, we'll explore deep teeth cleaning, how it's done, and why it's essential.

What is Deep Teeth Cleaning?

Deep teeth cleaning, also known as scaling and root planing, involves cleaning the teeth below the gum line to remove bacteria, plaque, and tartar. These can cause inflammation, infection, and gum disease if left untreated. A deep cleaning aims to prevent these conditions and restore the health of the gums and teeth. This procedure is different from a regular cleaning, which only cleans the visible parts of the teeth.

How is Deep Teeth Cleaning Done?

Deep teeth cleaning requires a dentist or hygienist to use special tools to remove plaque and tartar from the teeth and gums. They may numb the area to reduce discomfort. The procedure involves two parts: scaling and root planing. During scaling, the dentist or hygienist removes plaque and tartar from the teeth and under the gum line using a special tool called a scaler. Root planing, on the other hand, involves smoothing out the root surfaces of the teeth to prevent bacteria from collecting in the future.

Who Needs Deep Teeth Cleaning?

Not everyone needs deep teeth cleaning. Your dentist can determine if you need this procedure during a dental exam. Factors that may make deep cleaning necessary include:

- Presence of gum disease

- Inflammation or bleeding gums

- Tartar buildup

- Deep pockets between the gums and teeth

- Bad breath

If you have any of these issues, your dentist may recommend deep teeth cleaning.

Benefits of Deep Teeth Cleaning

Deep teeth cleaning has many benefits, including better oral health, fresher breath, and improved appearance. By removing plaque and tartar, deep cleaning can prevent or treat gum disease, which has been linked to serious conditions such as heart disease, stroke, and diabetes. It can also make your teeth look whiter and brighter by removing surface stains. Additionally, deep cleaning can help you maintain good oral hygiene in the future by making it easy for you to brush and floss your teeth.

Risks of Deep Teeth Cleaning

Like any dental procedure, deep teeth cleaning carries some risks. These include:

- Discomfort or pain during or after the procedure

- Swelling or bleeding of the gums

- Sensitivity to hot/cold temperatures

- Infection

However, these risks are generally minor, and most people experience little to no side effects from deep teeth cleaning.


Deep teeth cleaning is an essential dental procedure that can improve your oral health and overall well-being. It involves removing plaque and tartar from the teeth and gums to prevent or treat gum disease and improve the appearance of your teeth. If you're concerned about the health of your teeth and gums, talk to your dentist about deep teeth cleaning today.

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