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Digital revolution has changed the face of the field of dentistry.

Digital revolution has changed the face of the field of dentistry.


With the rapid development of technology, digital technology has become an integral part of dentistry. This advancement has brought many conveniences to both doctors and patients, mainly in the following three areas:

1. Time saving: Whether it is restoration or implantation, it now takes only a few hours to complete the process from tooth preparation to tooth wearing.

2. Effort saved: Doctors no longer need to take the model, fill it with plaster, send it to the processing plant and wait for the technician to operate the trimming. Digital technology transforms this series of tedious steps into a simple and easy task.

3. Cost savings: digital products, with their efficiency and precision, make the treatment process more economical.

Among digital products, dental scanners, 3D printing technology and materials, dentures and orthodontic appliances, artificial intelligence and digital platforms for dentistry are emerging as major trends. One of the more familiar technologies is CAD/CAM.

CAD stands for computer-aided design, which enables accurate models of teeth to be drawn through computer scanning software. CAM, on the other hand, uses computer-controlled digital processing equipment to automatically process and shape the restorations, or so-called "print" a tooth.

Oral scans are divided into intraoral and extraoral model scans. Intraoral scanning uses a small probing optical scanning head, which can directly obtain information about the teeth, gums, mucous membranes and other hard and soft tissues in the oral cavity, with relatively high accuracy and speed.

Restorations created through digital technology are more natural and aesthetically pleasing, making the clinical restoration process concise, fast and accurate. The digital revolution has injected new vitality into the field of dentistry and provided patients with a better treatment experience.

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