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Five Dangers of Not Filling Missing Teeth

Five Dangers of Not Filling Missing Teeth


Although more and more people are beginning to pay attention to their own teeth, but still some people think that missing a tooth or two does not matter or people are old sooner or later is going to lose their teeth, and so all the teeth are lost and then set the teeth is not too late. These concepts are wrong, missing teeth do not fill, there are many hazards, the following five common effects to understand.


Aging of the face

Teeth play a very important role in maintaining the appearance of the face, especially the front teeth have a great impact on facial aesthetics. Missing front teeth can make a person look less youthful and more aged. In addition, when most or all of the teeth are missing, the cheeks will lose support and sink inwards, the lips will no longer be full, the facial folds will increase, the nasolabial folds will deepen, the corners of the mouth will sink, and the face will show obvious aging.


Gastrointestinal Involvement

After the teeth are missing, first of all, chewing and chewing efficiency is reduced or lost, saliva secretion is reduced, gastrointestinal peristalsis slows down, affecting the body's absorption of nutrients, leading to gastrointestinal disorders and other diseases. In addition, if all the teeth are missing, the lips will be difficult to do a strong closure, swallowing food will also become difficult.


Remaining teeth

The teeth on both sides of the gap of missing teeth, due to the loss of support, also tilted to the gap, occurring teeth alignment disorder, will inevitably form a large gap, displacement, twisting, resulting in food congestion. This leads to caries and periodontal disease, further aggravating the damage to the remaining teeth. When the number of remaining teeth is small, because they bear too much biting force, it will cause rapid loss of alveolar bone, loose teeth or even fall off. The longer the period of missing teeth and the greater the number of missing teeth, the greater the impact on the remaining teeth will be.


Difficulty in Pronunciation

Missing teeth, especially front teeth, will cause unclear pronunciation, commonly known as "leaky speech". Poor pronunciation will have a greater impact on the patient's social activities, and may even affect the patient's mental health.


Damage to jaw joints

After the tooth is missing, because the chewing function of the side of the missing tooth is reduced, the patient may form the habit of chewing on the side of the missing tooth, and the muscle tension is unbalanced, in addition to the tilt of the remaining teeth, elongation and so on to form the occlusal interference, and the occlusal disorders will occur in the long run. All these will affect the stability of TMJ and cause damage to the joint.

Therefore, if you are missing teeth, you should seek medical attention as soon as possible and follow your dentist's recommendations for timely treatment.

There are several types of dentures

1、Active Denture

Activity denture is installed in the oral cavity of the patient can get out of the denture, the production of basic grinding adjacent to the real teeth, and low cost, inexpensive. However, after wearing the movable denture, patients will have different degrees of foreign body sensation; short service life, generally recommended to be replaced in 3-5 years, need to be removed every day and cleaned with water, the recovery of occlusal function is poor, and the use of more trouble.

2、Fixed Denture

Fixed denture is installed in the oral cavity patients can not take out the denture, the use of feeling more comfortable, occlusal restoration is better, daily life can be the same as their natural teeth care, easy to use, but the missing teeth area adjacent to the real teeth to carry out more grinding, sometimes need to do endodontic treatment. If there are too many missing teeth and too few remaining teeth, fixed denture repair cannot be carried out.

3、Implant Denture

Implant denture is planted in the jawbone of the missing teeth with pure titanium "tooth root" which has the best biomaterial compatibility, and then put the denture on the metal root, which combines the advantages of movable denture without grinding the real teeth and fixed denture which is comfortable and beautiful, and has a long service life, and can be used for several decades or even for a lifetime if it is well-maintained. However, it is more expensive, and patients with poor general condition cannot undergo implant restoration.

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