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Top 10 symptoms of periodontitis

Top 10 symptoms of periodontitis


If you want to find periodontitis as soon as possible in daily life, you must understand the top ten symptoms related to it:

1. Gingival bleeding: Bleeding when brushing, sucking, biting hard food, the amount of bleeding is usually very small, stopped after rinse, so it is often ignored. Some people also complained that the saliva was dark brown from the morning, which is also one of the manifestations of gum bleeding.

2. Cold and cold sensitivity: The exposure of the roots caused by the destruction of the periodontal tissue can appear hot and cold sensitivity. When the root surface of the teeth has a large amount of bacteria accumulated, the symptoms of teeth sensitive can be aggravated.

3. Gingival redness: Under the inflammation of the gums, vascular dilation causes the gums to change from pink to bright red or dark red when the gums are healthy.

4. Itching of the gums: This symptom is relatively rare, but it may be prompted that there is a problem with the periodontal of the teeth.

5. Food olored: There are many reasons for the food olored, and gum retreat may be one of its main reasons.

6. Dental swelling: accompanied by changes in gums, those with medium -weight periodontitis can occur during periodontal abscess. Some people often think that the swelling of the teeth is because of the "getting angry". In fact, it is only half the right. First of all, the swelling must have a period of periodontal periodic period. The immune force decreases when "getting angry", resulting in the symptoms of swelling.

7. Tone of the tone: There are many reasons for the heavy tone. Periodontitis is one of the causes.

8. The teeth become larger and the teeth become longer: the periodontal tissue is destroyed by the accompaniment symptoms after the migration of the root side.

9. Loose and displacement of teeth: It is the advanced symptoms of periodontitis, indicating that the support tissue around the root of the roots has been lost to a serious degree.

10. Tooth loss: The process of periodontal disease is a process of separation of bone and flesh. When the connection between the roots and the tooth bed is completely cut off, the teeth will automatically fall off.

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