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Air Scaler Handpiece

Air Scaler Handpiece


Air Scaler can not only clean teeth comfortably Together with other working tips, 

it can also complete root canal swing cleaning, fine trimming, inlay placement, implant maintenance and other practical work!

Pneumatic therapeutic apparatus is also called sonic cell phone, The working principle is that compressed air blows the internal vibrator vibration, which converts the aerodynamic energy into vibration energy with a frequency of 6000-6500Hz. This will drive the working tip to vibrate.

Cleaning work tip:

GK1 is a "general", which uses: removing large tartar calculus. GK2 and GK3 are "periodontal types", which are the same as removing gums to dental stones in large areas.

Can wash your hair at high temperature:

There are two specifications of swaying their heads: 21mm and 28mm, both of which can be disinfected with high temperature and high pressure. The tip diameter is 0.2mm, the end is 0.6mm, and the taper is SU20.

Diamond Sand refined tip:

Jianjianda Sandy is two types: blue label and red standard according to thickness (G20 rough sand X120um, G21 fine sand x50um).

The working principle is to vibrate the internal vibration by compressing the air, and it converts the vibration energy of the pneumatic energy to a frequency of 6000-6500Hz. So as to drive work sharply.

Air Scale Handpiece has completed a number of tasks

Function 1

Fine and comfortable tooth cleaning/painless tooth cleaning

While ensuring the effect of tooth cleaning, Air Scaler can use the personalized probe to 

penetrate into the gums to clean the dental calculus without damaging the gums. 

The elliptical tooth cleaning track can play the role of massaging the gums and reducing the pain. 

Blow down the dental calculus by scraping. The whole machine can be sterilized at high temperature, 

and can be directly connected to the dental chair like a high-speed mobile phone. It is convenient and comfortable.

Function 2

Thorough root canal swabbing / improved long-term success rate

The new generation of swabbing heads is made of polyamide and is more flexible. It

can be used in dry conditions for up to 10 seconds without breaking. 

The high-frequency elliptical trajectory creates a large number of vacuum bubbles and vortexes for a true three-dimensional cleaning effect, with a flexible, high-temperature resistant composite tip.

Function 3

Full Crown Shoulder Power (edge) refinement / dental preparation

The sound wave tool uses a 6MHz sound wave with air pressure and a low frequency of ellipse, which can make good edge lines. Jianjian Diamond Sand (G20 rough sand X120um, G21 fine sand X50um) according to the thickness of the thickness and red standard. It is mainly used in the full -crowned shoulder table (edge) refined, and a small amount of dental preparation of the narrow gap.

Function 4

 Auxiliary tooth week treatment

As the first step in treating periodontitis, clean teeth, including disinfection, cleaning, polishing, and medicine. The most critical disinfection links are also the most easily ignored by people. For patients with periodontitis, washing teeth and gums were considered very important treatment methods.

Compared with other tooth cleaning methods, Pneumatic cleaning vibration is small, and low noise is smaller, Sofan, more comfortable, and get rid of electromagnetic interference. (Patients with pacemakers can also perform pneumatic cleaning) The pneumatic cleaning system is at the same time as the tooth cleaning effect,The oval -shaped cleaning trajectory can play the function of massaging gums, Suitable for patients with different degrees of gingivitis and periodontitis.It is especially suitable for people with sensitivity, dental allergies, and periodontal diseases.

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