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Digital Operating Microscope XM110 Standard Version
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180° wide field of view and large depth of field

There are no position requirements or eyepieces to constrain the eyes, and communication between surgeons and nurses on the same stage is more accu-rate.

Breaking the traditional method, freeing up the doctor's eyes and operating space, allowing for more flexible surgery. 

Ultra-large magnification and ultra-large depth of field bring more refined treat-ment and reduce surgical trauma.


Turning drumming factor:1x-3x


Magnification and zoom system:Continuous zoom, up to 77 times

Excellent optical system

The self-developed imaging optical system is aopte, demonstrating the perfect combination of optical design and digital imaging technology. It has high definition, strong three-dimensional sense, and large depth of field. It can achieve 180° naked-eye operation, and the intraoperative hand-eye synchronization rate reaches 99.8%, 5 times Compared with the magnification of the traditional microscope, it breaks the traditional method, frees the doctor's eyes, satisfies the observation of different tooth positions, and improves the doctor's work efficiency.

Built-in long-travel zoomobjective lens F=230-420mm

A large zoom objective lens suitable for surgery, dentistry, and orthopedics. The focusing range covers the entire depth of the oral cavity. The large working distance achieved by the large zoom makes it easy to adjust the zoom focus.

User Experience

White light mode
Using imported medical LED light source, high color rendering index, the color is closer to reality, and the illumination spot has good uniformity.


Orange filter mode
Used for filling light-curing resin materials to prevent the resin materials from curing too quickly.


Green filter mode
See the tiny nerves and blood vessels clearly in the surgical blood environment, and improve the contrast of blood vessels and bleeding points under blood flow conditions.

Technical Parameters



Product Parameter

Digital optical system

180° naked-eye wide field of view, stereoscopic image transmission to obtain a largerfield of view, freeing the doctor's eyes and simple operation

Zoom method: ZOOM continuous zoom system, manual, automatic and continuously adjustable, one-button auto-focus

Total magnification (when the focal length of the large objective lens is f=250mm):Magnification, 3.6X-14X, 3.6X-28X, continuously adjustable, up to 77 times magnification

Extra large zoom objective lens system: zoom range WD180-420mm,

Field of view diameter (large objective lens focal length f=250mm):

Lighting system

Lighting source: Built-in high-reliability medical-grade LED light source, brightness continuously adjustable

Minimum illumination of object surface (f=250mm)≥50,000lx

Illumination spot diameter: ≥2100mm

Lighting color temperature: 5000K-57000K, stepless dimming, realistic colors

Color filter: three or more filter modes:Orange, which prevents premature curing of resin materials;Green: Tiny blood vessels and nerves can be seen clearly in the surgical blood environment;white lighting

Bracket system

Maximum spread: 1650mm;Transverse stomach rotation radius: 770mm (360° rotation); Spring arm rotation radius: 600mm, ±100° rotation,Spring arm up and down movement range: ±300mm,

Built-in ultra-high-definition video recording camera system

System video resolution: 3840x2160

Video frame rate: 60fps@4K

Storage media: external USB flash drive

Playback function: Video and picture files can be played back instantly through the video recording and photo taking modules

Digital imaging module

Video resolution: 4K, 3840x2160 (18 million pixels)

Frame rate: 60fps@1080P (recommended), supports 50fps@4K image storage

Control mode; supports mouse, buttons, touch screen

Output interface: HDMI

Image sensor: CMOSG 4K sensor (x2)

*Mirror function: Supported (one-click switching between upper and lower jaws) Suitabled

Viewing distance: 30cm-60cm

Microscope parameters

Input voltage: 220V 50Hz

Maximum power: ≤86W

Standby power: ≤1W

Working temperature: 0-35°

Working humidity: 20%-80%

Storage temperature:-10℃-40℃

Storage humidity: 10%-80%

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