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Hug comfortable teeth experience, say goodbye to painful memories!

Hug comfortable teeth experience, say goodbye to painful memories!


Some people are afraid of looking at their teeth, usually because they have unpleasant dental treatment experience, especially if they have a "pain" tooth watching experience in childhood, they will often have shadows to watch their teeth after adulthood.

Some people complain that looking at the teeth will really hurt, and sometimes, there is no uncomfortable. After watching the teeth, it is uncomfortable. Can you not be afraid?

Don't be excited first! It ’s like a little side effects for eating medicine for colds and fever, somewhat trauma, and dental treatment. Dental treatment may be a bit uncomfortable.

So, what are the more likely to be uncomfortable after dental treatment? Let's count it!

The teeth are uncomfortable after the tooth tonic

Doctor, my teeth did not hurt, but there was a tooth decay. After I made up, I felt pain when I bite it! If you know it, you won't make up!

The tooth pain was not painful, and the toothache after treatment seemed a bit wrong! This is something that patients are difficult to understand.

However, tooth decay has the possibility of pain, and the small tooth decay does not make up. When the tooth decay becomes bigger and deeper, it is not only to make the teeth, but the more complicated treatment and the cost!

Pain after replenishment, mainly in moderate or deep teeth. The pulp (commonly known as dental nerve) inside is still alive. During the tooth tonic process, it is stimulated by the teeth and cold water. When you are angry, if you encounter hot and cold stimulation after you finish your teeth, it will lose your temper and make you hurt.

If you are only mild discomfort, you can observe it for a while. If it is gradually alleviated, there is no need to deal with it; if it is not relieved or even worsen, the tooth supplementary material should be removed, and the doctor should be re -examined before further treatment.

Another common reason is that the material is too high. After the dentist is finished, it will let the patient bite a piece of blue paper and observe whether there is a high point on the teeth. This requires the patient's serious cooperation. If the patient is too sloppy, bit a few times, the doctor did not check the high point, and the patient found that the bite was too high when he returned home. However, at this time, just grind the high point, there is no problem.

Of course, there may be other reasons for uncomfortable teeth. In any case, if you have any questions, consult the dentist as soon as possible, it is always right! It also needs to be emphasized: Most of the replenishment makes you more comfortable, you don't have to worry! If you have a tooth problem, remember to see a doctor!

Teeth uncomfortable teeth after root canal treatment

Doctor, because I was too deep, my teeth were inflamed, and I had root canal treatment, but after I did it, I felt that the teeth had a bit of swelling and pain. What was going on?

Root canal treatment is a more complicated treatment for a teeth. The tooth that requires root canal treatment is generally "diseased into the pulp", the pulp is inflamed or even necrotic, or it causes inflammation of the tip of the tooth. At this time, whether it is inflamed tooth pulp or necrotic pulp, it is a breedingbed of bacteria, which needs to be removed.

According to data, during the treatment of root canal treatment or after completing the tooth supplement, a few patients will have symptoms such as local swelling and bite pain, with an incidence of about 10%. This has no obvious relationship with the success or failure of treatment, that is, a successful root canal therapy, which may also occur.

Generally speaking, doctors will not need other treatment for the time being, which will allow you to take some painkillers appropriately and observe for 1 to 3 days (be sure to follow the doctor's order); After pain, doctors generally help you grind the high point as soon as possible to help the disease rest, which is conducive to recovery.

If there is still continuous swelling and pain after 3 days, it is necessary to do X -ray examination and further deal with it as needed.

The teeth are soft after washing the teeth

Everyone said that washing my teeth was good. I was washed the first teeth of my life with my friend's encouragement. As a result, my teeth were sore when washing my teeth. After washing the teeth, I was still sour. What happened?

When it comes to washing teeth, the issues that most people care about are indeed soft teeth. Many people who have washed their teeth will feel very sensitive to their teeth in the first few days. When encountering hot, cold and sweet, teeth will be soft. This is called dental sensitivity. It is a common symptom after washing the teeth.

The reason is very simple. It turns out that the teeth are wrapped in dental stones with dirt and dirt. The gums are often inflamed and bleeding, and the teeth may be destroyed. After washing the dental stones, the teeth restore the original appearance. Exposure, when it comes to hot and hot and sour, it will make people feel sour.

At this time, it is very important to adjust the diet. It is necessary to limit the intake of foods and beverages that can stimulate teeth, including carbonated drinks, acid fruit juice, etc., because these foods are soluble to the surface of the tooth surface, which causes the dental pipes to open, aggravate dental sensitivity Essence After eating acidic foods, you should not brush your teeth immediately, so as to avoid comprehensive effects on the acid erosion and wear, and accelerate the damage of the tissue of the dental body. At the same time, avoid eating overheated or cold foods and drinks.

After washing the teeth, the dental essence is sensitive, and it usually disappears after a few days. For those who continue to be sensitive to the nature of the dentin, you can try anti -allergic toothpaste containing potassium ions, because potassium ions can divorce the pulp nerves and alleviate the dental sensitivity. If the problem has not been solved, you can see the dentist, and you can do desensitization or other treatment if necessary.

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