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Regarding the whitening of the teeth, the ten questions you are most concerned about are here

Regarding the whitening of the teeth, the ten questions you are most concerned about are here


Nowadays, people's requirements for the beauty of teeth are getting higher and higher, and many people will take various methods to make their teeth whiter. Then all kinds of questions are also followed. Below I answered some common questions about teeth whitening, hoping to help you.

1. The effect of teeth whitening

The whitening of the teeth will not float your teeth very white, but it can enable your teeth to increase the color level to the extent.

2. Who can make teeth whitening

Tooth whitening should be implemented by dentists.

Some beauty salons also provide tooth whitening services, but if there is no professional license, it is illegal, which may endanger your oral health. If you want to bleach yourself at home, you also need to be checked by a doctor to let your doctor judge whether you are suitable for yourself.

3. What are the ways to whiten teeth

First of all, dentist will take your teeth and make a bleach. Doctors will guide you how to use bleaching gel, and then you can whiten your teeth at home. The bleaching time and frequency need to listen to the doctor's advice.

Another method of whitening tooth is cold light whitening: apply bleach on the teeth, and then shoot the teeth with a special light to activate the bleach. This method only takes an hour.

The price of whitening is different, but in general, professional cold light whitening is relatively more expensive.

It is best to listen to the opinions of dentists before whitening, and they formulate a whitening plan to ensure safety and better efficacy of whitening.

4. Can all dentists do whitening teeth?

Dentists who have received professional training can be.

How about the whitening of the family whitening set and the beauty salon?

It is best to go to a professional registered dentist to do dental whitening. Some non -professionals (such as employees of beauty salons) are not qualified, and it is illegal to make teeth whitening. There is a certain risk of household whitening sets, and you need to let the doctor check before you do it.

5. What are the risks of home whitening sets and beauty salons for whitening teeth

Some families whitening drugs have insufficient effective ingredients.

If it is not a professionals who do whitening, there may be inappropriate tooth drift sets, which will cause whitening drugs to leak from the edge of the bleach to the gums or oral cavity, burn the soft tissue in the mouth, or make the teeth sensitive.

6. Is the protection of teeth whitening projects within the scope of insurance?

Unless it is a medical need (for example, the discolored dead marrow teeth can be restored to normal color through internal bleaching), the teeth whitening is not included in insurance, and the cost needs to be borne by individuals because this belongs to the category of aesthetic therapy.

7. How to make teeth whitening

Dental doctors will give you appropriate suggestions. Sometimes, some situations are not suitable for whitening, such as having periodontal disease, or replenishing teeth, making porcelain crowns.

8. Is teeth whitening permanent?

No, tooth whitening is not permanent. It can last for months to three years, and the effect varies from person to person. In general, if you smoke or drink red wine, tea or coffee, etc., the whitening effect will not last too long.

9. Is the whitening of the teeth effective for dentures?

no effect. Tooth whitening has no effect on fake teeth, porcelain teeth, filled or veneer.

10. What are the risks of teeth whitening

No matter which whitening method you choose, your gums may be stimulated by chemical drugs in the whitening agent, which is sensitive -especially when your teeth are already sensitive. The gums may also be burned.

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