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What is the difference between this and traditional dental planting?

What is the difference between this and traditional dental planting?


On the day, the planting technology of planting teeth has become more and more popular in the field of oral planting. Many institutions claim that this technology can be planted immediately while extraction, so that the teeth can return to normal that day.

But that is, the planting is really able to achieve the day of the teeth and wear a crown on the day? How is it different from traditional dental implants?

In order to understand this mystery, we found Mr. Zhen (a pseudonym) who had just experienced the surgery in Guangzhou recently, and he was willing to share his teeth experience with everyone.

I asked the doctor why new technologies can grow teeth faster. Doctors explained that traditional dental implants must perform an operation called flip -loving before implants. They need to cut the gums and expose the alveolar bone to ensure the accurate installation of the implant. However, cutting the gums will leave a large wound, and there is a risk of infection. You must wait for the wound healing to install the crown.

After adopting immediately, it is necessary to pay thousands of yuan for digital planting guidance boards and temporary crown. But the advantage is that installing the guide board is like using navigation. It can directly locate and pinpoint. There is no need to cut the gums. Therefore, the wound is smaller, and the crown can be installed on the same day.

Before I was undergoing planting surgery, the lack of the incisor has always affected my image. Because my work needs to see customers often, I urgently hopes that the whole process can be completed that day.

The next experience made me eye -opening! It turns out that the teeth can be made through 3D. After selecting the planting plan, I performed preoperative examinations, conducted CBCT scanning and dental mold production, and made an appointment for surgery.

Making tooth molds is a method called in -mouth scanning. Putting a special device in the mouth rotates, and then the computer can generate my tooth model. The doctor subsequently used the software to design the implanted guide board based on this model.

Then, the doctor told me the time of the operation and used the 3D printer to create a designed planting guide board and temporary crown in advance.

The doctor told me that many clinics are now equipped with a 3D printer to print out their teeth. This surprised me.

My surgery was performed in mid -April, and the whole process was very fast. I completed teeth and tooth for less than an hour.

When I was lying on the teeth chair, the nurse would cover a piece of cloth on my body, only exposing my mouth, and then taking me two needles. First unplug the root of the tooth, and then install the implant, drilling hole, and installation. During the operation, the doctor told me that my bone was not enough, so bone meal supplement was also carried out, and the temporary crown was installed on the same day.

The whole process of planting teeth was a little scared, but once the surgery started, I felt okay because I did not have much pain because of the anesthetic. However, after returning home, the anesthetic still needs to take painkillers, and the face will swell, and it takes about three days to disappear.

Fortunately, maybe because of the use of new technologies, it may also be the reason why my personal constitution is better. I have not experienced pain and wound infection as the netizens described as described. I only need to taboo, pay attention to oral cleaning, and quit smoking for alcohol within a few days after the operation. My recovery is very good.

A few days ago, I went to the hospital to replace the temporary crown. After half a year of repair, my tooth repair process was finally over!

To sum up, the difference between the extraction and traditional dental implants is:

Traditional dental implants need to be at least 6 months throughout the process, divided into three stages: cut the gums in three months after the tooth extraction to install the implant and suture, and remove the string after ten days; ; The crown is installed three to the surroundings after the second phase of the operation to complete the entire planting process.

That is, it takes three months as quickly as possible. It is divided into two stages: the digital planting guide board is installed immediately after minimally invasive tooth extraction, and the temporary crown is installed on the day or a week; Complete planting.

From the perspective of surgery, it is indeed faster than traditional dental implants. However, when planting dental surgery, we must choose regular hospitals and professional doctors, and pay attention to taboos, smoking alcohol, and keeping oral cleaning after surgery. It is very important to keep oral cleaning.

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