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what teeth cleaning does

by:Golden Promise     2023-06-13

It is common knowledge that we need to brush our teeth twice a day and floss at least once a day, but do we really understand why? Here, we dive deep into what teeth cleaning does for our oral health and how it plays a crucial role in maintaining overall health.

The Importance of Good Oral Health

Our oral health is an integral part of our overall health and well-being. Neglecting our oral hygiene can lead to a host of dental problems such as cavities, gum disease, tooth loss, and bad breath. Furthermore, poor oral health has been linked to serious health issues such as heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and respiratory infections.

Regular Teeth Cleaning

Regular teeth cleaning is the first line of defense against dental problems. It is advised to visit a dentist or a dental hygienist for professional teeth cleaning at least twice a year. During the teeth cleaning process, the teeth are thoroughly cleaned by removing plaque and tartar buildup that cannot be removed by brushing and flossing alone. The cleaning process usually involves scaling, polishing, and sometimes, fluoride treatment.


Scaling is a process in which the dental hygienist uses a scaler to remove the plaque and tartar buildup on the teeth. Plaque is a soft, sticky film that forms on the teeth after eating or drinking anything containing sugar or carbohydrates. Over time, it hardens and turns into tartar, which cannot be removed by brushing alone.


After scaling, polishing is done to remove any remaining surface stains on the teeth. A small rubber cup is used to apply a gritty toothpaste to the teeth, which is then buffed away, leaving the teeth feeling smooth and shiny.

Fluoride Treatment

A fluoride treatment may be recommended by the dental hygienist to help prevent tooth decay. Fluoride is a mineral that helps to strengthen the enamel on the teeth and make them more resistant to acid attacks from plaque and bacteria.

Benefits of Regular Teeth Cleaning

Regular teeth cleaning has many benefits, such as preventing cavities, gum disease, and bad breath. Here are some of the benefits of regular teeth cleaning:

1. Prevents Cavities: Cleaning removes plaque and tartar buildup, which can cause tooth decay and cavities.

2. Prevents Gum Disease: Gum disease is caused by the inflammation of the gums due to the buildup of plaque and tartar. Regular cleaning removes these, which helps prevent gum disease.

3. Freshens Breath: Removing the plaque and tartar buildup also helps freshen breath.

4. Brightens Smile: Removing surface stains during polishing can also help brighten your smile.

5. Promotes Overall Health: Maintaining good oral hygiene has been linked to better overall health.


Regular teeth cleaning is an essential part of maintaining good oral and overall health. It helps prevent dental problems such as cavities, gum disease, and bad breath, and promotes a brighter smile. By following the recommended oral hygiene routine and visiting a dental professional twice a year for regular teeth cleaning, we can keep our teeth and gums healthy and maintain our overall well-being.

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