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How TO choose the best DENTAL CHAIR?

by:Golden Promise     2024-05-12

Dental chairs are an essential piece of equipment that every dental practitioner needs. It's the place where most patients spend most of their time. So, choosing the right dental chair is crucial to ensuring patient comfort and satisfaction. With so many different models available, how do you know which is the best dental chair for you? In this article, we'll provide you with some tips and tricks to help guide you in choosing the right dental chair.

Consider the Comfort

Just like office chairs, the comfort level of dental chairs is essential, especially for long procedures. A dental chair that doesn't provide enough support, or one that isn't adjustable enough, can lead to stiffness and aches in the patient's muscles. Dental chairs come in various designs and can be made from leather or other materials. Consider chairs that feature comfortable, cushioned seats, as well as adjustable headrests, armrests, and footrests.

The Equipment Installed on the Dental Chair

The equipment installed on a dental chair is another essential consideration. Most chairs come with standard equipment like a tray, a water and air syringe, an operating light, and other tools. A good dental chair should also have space to add other necessary equipment. For example, consider a dental chair with mounting options for diagnostic tools like digital X-ray systems.

Consider the Size and Dimensions

Another important factor to consider is the dental chair's size and dimensions. Factors like the patient's height and weight should be taken into account. Choosing the right dental chair size can also impact your workspace. You need to find a balance between a chair that's too small and one that's too big. A dental chair that's too small can limit your workspace and hinder your ability to work on your patients comfortably, while a chair that's too large may be inefficient.

Choose Between Portable and Stationary Dental Chairs

Dental chairs come in two main categories: portable and stationary. Portable dental chairs are light, compact, and easy to carry from one location to another. They're a great option for dentists who need to move around regularly. On the other hand, stationary dental chairs are fixed and usually include a hydraulic or electric feature to move the chair up and down. They are more often seen in dental clinics and offices.

Consider the Cost

The cost of dental chairs is also a crucial point to consider. To make sure you get the best value for your money, you need to do your research and know the market prices of different chairs. Established brands usually come with a higher price tag compared to off-brand chairs. However, keep in mind that investing in a good dental chair is essential for your patient's comfort and your practice's efficiency.


Choosing the best dental chair is a crucial decision for any dental practitioner. The right dental chair should offer comfort for your patients and efficiently accommodate your tools and equipment. Consider the comfort level, the equipment affixed on the dental chair, the size and dimensions of the chair, and ultimately, the cost to help you make an informed decision. With the appropriate dental chair, you'll be able to provide the highest quality of care to your patients while also improving your practice's overall efficiency.

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