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Digital Dental Implants vs Traditional Dental Implants

Digital Dental Implants vs Traditional Dental Implants


Survey shows:

At present, the situation of middle-aged and elderly people with missing teeth is grim

The results of the fourth national oral health epidemiological survey show that the number of missing teeth of Chinese elderly aged between 65 and 74 is 5.5 per capita, and the number of elderly people without teeth accounts for 4.5% of the total number of people of the same age, and the proportion of restoration of the elderly with missing teeth is 63.2%, which means that nearly half of the elderly people do not have timely restoration of their missing teeth.

With the development of digital dental implant technology

Dental implants, has long been a sea change!

Three teeth can be implanted in half an hour!

01 What is digital dental implant technology?

Digital dental implant technology is a digital technology innovation applied in the field of oral restoration, to help doctors say goodbye to the "blind seed", eligible for missing teeth dental implants faster, more accurate, more comfortable, more intelligent.

Through CBCT digital imaging, optical double scanning, obtaining the patient's oral information, reconstructing a model of the patient's teeth and jawbone, on which we can digitally simulate the implantation position, direction and orientation of the artificial tooth root and the three-dimensional direction.

Then, on the basis of this model, a digital implant guide can be 3D printed and used to guide the surgical operation. The implant is placed in the direction of the guide.

02 What are the advantages of digital dental implants?

>>>No need to worry about "crooked implants".

Digital Dental Implants uses 3D digital printing technology to create a guide plate that precisely defines the point, depth and direction of implant placement.

The guide plate technology places the implant in a pre-designed place, making the implant surgery more controllable, and every detail is the key to guaranteeing patient safety.

>>>Don't worry about "insecurity".

With the aid of special dental implant design software, the three-dimensional virtual model design for implant placement can avoid important structures, such as blood vessels, nerves, sinus cavities, and maximise the use of the patient's readily available bone volume to optimise the implant position.

>>>No need to worry about "poor results".

The implant can be precisely inserted into the designed position, improving the long-term stability of the dental implant and the service life of the dental implant. For patients with little bone, the remaining bone can be fully utilised for implantation, avoiding bone grafting or reducing bone grafting.

>>>Don't worry about "big trauma and long time".

Under the guidance of the surgical guide, the doctor can quickly and effectively control the position, depth and angle of the implant, and the implant can be implanted with only a tiny incision, which is shorter than the traditional dental implants that require steps such as cutting, flap flap, suture and suture removal, so the operation time is shorter.

03 Digital dental implants PK traditional dental implants

Nowadays, dental implants are simply not as painful, bloody and complicated as people think. What exactly is the difference with traditional dental implants? Let's make a comparison below:

Dental implant precision and comfort PK

Digital is a precise implant with the assistance of an implant guide. The doctor effectively controls the implant position, depth and angle, and implants can be inserted with only a tiny incision.

Get rid of the long recovery time, incision, flap, suture and suture removal steps of the traditional implant method. Significantly shorten the operation time, so that people can complete dental implants in a comfortable, minimally invasive state, without affecting the eating.

Dental implant safety, time PK

Implant surgery for edentulous jaws is complicated, and dental implants at advanced ages face many risks. The predictability of digital implantation and the instant restoration technology, which can foresee the implantation effect before the operation, makes the effect appear immediately, and realises "the same day implantation, the same day with teeth".

This eliminates the need for multiple follow-up visits and avoids the waiting period of 3-6 months for traditional implants to heal.

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