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Easy and fast orthodontic experience

Easy and fast orthodontic experience


When we choose to undergo orthodontic treatment, we usually have to go through three steps: the initial consultation, negotiating the plan and putting on the braces. However, before the doctor can design a specific orthodontic plan for you, there is one more important operation - taking a mould.

Usually, mould taking involves recording oral data by biting on silicone rubber, taking photos of the mouth, etc., and making a model. Based on this model and information such as panoramic and lateral views, the doctor will design the orthodontic treatment plan.

However, oral scanning technology (mouth scanning) is now replacing the traditional modelling process in a much simpler and more efficient way. During a mouth scan, you simply lie flat in a dental chair with your mouth open and the doctor will use a probe-equipped instrument to take a 3D scan inside your mouth. In just 3 minutes, a 3D model of your teeth will be displayed on a computer screen.

After the scanning, your teeth data will be automatically uploaded to the cloud, and the doctor can show you the model of your teeth through the computer and design an orthodontic treatment plan for you on this basis. This black technology can not only show the current state of your teeth, but also simulate the ideal effect after the end of orthodontic treatment.

Overall, oral scanning technology makes it easier and more convenient for us to see what our teeth will look like after orthodontic treatment by enhancing the experience and efficiency of taking models. At the same time, it also provides us with more basis for decision making, allowing us to make a more accurate decision on whether or not to proceed with orthodontic treatment.

In addition, oral scanners can be more useful in daily life. Whether you suffer from frequent oral diseases, mouth ulcers or bad breath, using a scanner for intraoral scanning can help improve the hygiene of the inside of your mouth and prevent infections or inflammation from occurring. The use of an intraoral scanner can also help to improve the freshness of your breath and improve the health of your respiratory system to a certain extent.

Choose oral scanning technology to make straightening your teeth easy and pleasant, while protecting your oral health. Let's use technology to spice up our smiles!

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