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New era technology of teeth molding

New era technology of teeth molding


Modern digital orthodontics has developed rapidly, and many areas of medical, material science and artificial intelligence have achieved many innovations and breakthroughs. However, for ordinary people, the new thing that may be the easiest to notice is sweeping.

In recent years, the hard -working oral oral sweeping equipment has been actively adopted to provide high -efficiency clinic services, which not only greatly improves the patient's medical experience, but also realizes the blessing of black technology, making the hard work in the industry shine.

However, many people know about it, and they don't know what it is and what they can bring to them.

① What is the mouth sweeping?

Before the official introduction, let's take a look at the main steps of invisible correction. To perform orthodontics, the following three steps are usually needed:

(1) First diagnosis

(2) Discussion correction plan

(3) Put on the braces

It should be noted that the above is just a simple summary, and different people may be different.

When deciding to let your doctor design a specific correction plan for you, important operations need to be performed -molding.

The traditional molding method includes the use of silicon rubber and photos in the port to record the oral data, and make models. Doctors can design the correction solution based on these models, panoramic films, and side pieces.

The sweeping is a great simplification of the process of molding, making it easier and simple, and no longer requires waiting for a long time.

In order to facilitate comparison, we call the traditional silicone molding method as the "Silicone Age" and the method of sweeping the mouth of the mouth.

② Silicone era

Today, if you want to perform orthodontics, the most common situation may be that when you come to the clinic, the staff will shoot panoramic films and side films for you, and orthodontic doctors will conduct in -mouth examination, and then briefly introduce your situation.

If you have a clear intention and want your doctor to help you design a specific correction plan, the clinic staff will make the [Silicon Rubber] model and take the photos in the mouth.

Due to accuracy requirements, you may feel uncomfortable in the process of molding and shooting.

After completing the mold, you need to wait for about half a month to one month, and then discuss specific correction plans with the doctor.

In short, the process of silicon rubber molding is relatively cumbersome. In the process, it needs to endure a certain discomfort, and it takes a relatively long time to see the final model and solution.

③ Era Age

Unlike the traditional silicon rubber modeling process, if the clinic provides oral sweeping services, you can experience the oral scanning model during the first consultation. The whole process gives people a sense of "futuristic".

You just need to lie on your teeth chair and open your mouth. The staff will use a device with a probe to scan 3D on your mouth. The 3D model of your teeth will be displayed on the computer immediately. Discomfort.

After the sweeping is completed, you only need to wait a while, and the doctor can show you your teeth model through iPad or computer. Not only can you show the current state of your teeth, but also simulate your ideal state after correction.

(After the sweeping is completed, your teeth data will be uploaded to the cloud automatically. Doctors can help you design correction solutions according to your model.)

The sweeping of the mouth has greatly improved the experience and efficiency before wearing the braces, making people more convenient and easily observe what they look like after correction, and also make people decide whether to correct it.

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