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One-stop Solution


One-stop Solution

Equipment advantages

Fast and high-precision scanning, compact body and easy to use, oral examination report, equipped with two types of scanning tips.
Repeatability precision±5um, 3*4 tool magazines detachable design, 3 glass ceramics and premill can be processed at the same time, 20 minutes to complete glass ceramic processing, 15 minutes to complete premill processing.
Repeatability precision±5um, automatic tool change of 8 tool magazines, single crown processing time <15 minutes, perfect buccal shape processing, C-type fixture design to improve material utilization.
2.5 hours fast sintering, stable effect and no pollution, one-key start and easy to use, 20 sintering curve settings.
Maximum temperature 1100°C, Al temperature control design, intelligent voice reminder, both glazing and porcelain function.
Specially designed and developed for implantation, easy to operate, high precision, and complete implant guide printing in 30 minutes.

Materials and types of indications that can be realized

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