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Those years of night grinding teeth

Those years of night grinding teeth


All those years of sleeping together, do you remember the ear-piercing squeak of teeth grinding .... I can't wait to fling him a teeth grinding stick. I just want a good night's sleep, why is it so hard? Please spare me!!!

Or maybe you're just tired because you always wake up every morning with sore muscles in your cheeks and aching teeth ....

Teeth grinding is a common and frequent disease in stomatology, characteristically manifested as intermittent isotonic contraction of the jaw muscles, accompanied by regular chewing like action, can occur in any age group, children and young people are more common.

What are the causes of bruxism in daily life? How can we prevent it?

These factors can cause bruxism

 1. Occlusal disharmony is considered to be one of the main causes of bruxism.

  2、Research suggests that nocturnal bruxism is one of the manifestations of sleep disorders, and its appearance is related to the mild awakening abnormality in sleep.

  3、Emotional tension, excessive fatigue, stressful thoughts or children play too excited or overstressed during the day will often cause the night can not sleep peacefully, that is, after sleep, although most of the cerebral cortex is in a state of inhibition, but there is still a part of the state of excitation, resulting in the contraction of chewing muscles and the occurrence of teeth grinding.

  4, intestinal parasitic infections, gastrointestinal dysfunction, endocrine imbalance, allergic diseases, vitamin D deficiency rickets, uric acidosis, hyperthyroidism, bladder stress, etc. may cause teeth grinding. When children accumulate food and suffer from indigestion, the toxins secreted by bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract are absorbed and stimulated to the cerebral cortex, causing a dysregulation of its excitatory or inhibitory processes, resulting in nocturnal teeth grinding.

How can we prevent the occurrence of nocturnal teeth grinding

  1, 8 ~ 12 years old children can not be dealt with when mild, pay attention to rest, parents usually pay attention to regulate the child's diet and life rules.

  2、Ease the pressure, relax and adjust the mentality. Avoid over-excitement during the day, watch less stimulating TV dramas before going to bed, and try to relax yourself, especially before going to sleep. You can do some gymnastics, take a hot bath, listen to soft music and so on.  

  3, avoid excitatory food and smoking (such as containing caffeine and other drinks or food. Like coffee, chocolate, cola, etc.), improve the sleep environment.

  4, daily dietary attention to supplement calcium, eat more vitamin-rich food. Regular deworming.

  5、Keep correct posture. Hunching over can also lead to teeth grinding.

  6、Be sure to brush your teeth before going to bed and don't overfill your dinner.

  7, Keep your mouth in a healthy state of rest during the day, i.e., keep your teeth loose.

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