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how much teeth cleaning cost uk

by:Golden Promise     2023-06-12

Teeth cleaning is an essential part of oral hygiene. It is the process of removing plaque, tartar, and stains from the teeth to prevent cavities, gum disease, and bad breath. In the UK, teeth cleaning is available in private dental practices as well as through the National Health Service (NHS). In this article, we will discuss how much teeth cleaning costs in the UK, factors that affect the cost, and ways to save money on teeth cleaning.

How Much Does Teeth Cleaning Cost in the UK?

The cost of teeth cleaning in the UK depends on several factors such as location, type of treatment, and the dentist's experience and qualifications. On average, private teeth cleaning in the UK ranges from 50 to 150 per session. However, the cost can go up to 200 or more, depending on the complexity of the treatment and the location of the dental practice.

Teeth cleaning under the NHS is available for free to those who qualify for NHS treatment. However, the waiting list for NHS dental services can be long, and the availability of teeth cleaning services may be limited.

Factors That Affect the Cost of Teeth Cleaning

1. Type of Teeth Cleaning Treatment

There are different types of teeth cleaning treatments available, such as a regular cleaning, deep cleaning, and scaling and polishing. The cost of each treatment differs based on the type of treatment required. A regular teeth cleaning may cost less than a deep cleaning or scaling and polishing.

2. Location

The cost of teeth cleaning can vary from one region to another. Dental practices in London and the South East of England tend to have higher prices than those in other parts of the country.

3. Experience and Qualifications of the Dentist

Dentists with more experience and qualifications may charge higher fees for teeth cleaning services than those without. However, it is essential to choose a dentist who has the skills and knowledge required to provide high-quality teeth cleaning services.

4. Additional Treatments

If there are any additional treatments required, such as fluoride treatment or x-rays, the cost of teeth cleaning can increase.

5. Dental Insurance

The cost of teeth cleaning can be reduced if the patient has dental insurance that covers preventive care.

Ways to Save Money on Teeth Cleaning

1. Check with NHS Dentists

People who are eligible for NHS treatment can receive teeth cleaning for free. However, the waiting list can be long, and there may be limited availability.

2. Shop Around

Before choosing a private dental practice, it is essential to compare prices and quality of services offered by different practices. People can check online reviews and ask for recommendations from friends and family.

3. Choose a Dental Discount Plan

Some dental discount plans provide discounts on teeth cleaning and other dental treatments. These plans charge an annual fee, and the members can access discounted dental care.

4. Take Care of Oral Health at Home

People can prevent the need for expensive teeth cleaning treatments by taking care of their teeth and gums at home. Brushing twice a day, flossing, using mouthwash, and avoiding sugary foods and drinks can help prevent cavities and gum disease.

5. Take Advantage of NHS Dental Service

People who are eligible for NHS treatment can receive free teeth cleaning. However, the availability of NHS dental services can be limited, and patients may have to wait for an appointment.


Teeth cleaning is essential to maintain good oral hygiene. The cost of teeth cleaning in the UK depends on several factors such as type of treatment, location, experience and qualifications of the dentist, and additional treatments. People can save money on teeth cleaning by checking with NHS dentists, shopping around, choosing a dental discount plan, taking care of oral health at home, and taking advantage of NHS dental services.

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